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aroace as an umbrella term?

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Hello y'all!

I've come to the conclusion that I'm either greyro-ace (greyromantic asexual) or aro-ace. I (think?) That I've had one sort of less intense crush so far (idk if it's needed but I've described it in one of my other written topics) but it could also be queer platonic crush (or an alterous one but that term isn't that known yet/or not really accepted) I'm still not entirely sure whatever it was so, what IF it was in fact a crush, could I still identify as just aroace? Because, I've heard that it's an umbrella term for both aro-spec&ace-spec (see picture from https://www.lgbtqia.wiki/wiki/Aroace ) but idk, I don't want to invalide people who are stricty aromantic (as in the people on the "no attraction" part of the spectrum) by using the aroace label + flag, because I've heard some "strictly" aroace saying that it made them uncomfortable. But, I personally feel more comfortable with using the term aroace (ofcourse, I can always elaborate my identity when it's relevant, but it's easier to say that you're just aroace) So could some you guys perhaps share your opinion on this? Like I said, I don't want to invalide anyone! 

I could've asked this on AVEN as well, but because I'm more struggling with the aro part, I thought I'd be better to put it on this forum


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I know I'm ace and my romantic orientation is an enigma, but I've only once felt romantic attraction (and it lasted a few days lol) so I use the term aroace to describe myself. I don't see why if you're both acespec and arospec you couldn't use the term aroace. If both your romantic and sexual orientation align, you could put the prefix in front of it (ie demi-aroace, grey-aroace) or if they don't align, put it next to the relevant item (ie demiaro-recipace).

Plus, I like your pfp (Hooty is the best character you can't convince me otherwise)

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I think it's fine to use. Every person is going to give different imitation of what aroace is. If the label fits you currently use it. Aromanticism and asexuality is a spectrum. Sometimes it's hard to say if you're on one side or the other. Use what fits you best.

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I think you can.

Something I learned on AVEN : originally, "ace" was used as an umbrella term, as opposed tl asexual who were only "no sexual attraction".


An alternative for you would be to use aroacespec, if you don't want to use grey.

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