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ASAW retrospective

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So how was aro week for you?

In my case I had quite a good time of it. Made an aro ring finally so I have a piece of fairly functional pride gear. Also found a nice black/grey/white shirt in a charity shop. I have plans for that.

Also it was nice to see a few stories about aromanticism appear in fairly wide reaching places. I linked the Tara Mooknee amatonormativity video and Yasmin Benoit's article, but there are more things that popped up over the week.

Anyway, back a while ago there was a thread of what people were thinking of doing so maybe now it will be interesting to see what happened.

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Tbh, nothing special. I've made some posts linked to aromanticism and had to debunk one more time the 'popular' in my country wrong definition of it. It's really boring to have to repeat the same thing so much times and persons seem to don't understand it because they don't pay attention to aromantic persons writing about aromanticism but psychologist who wrote wrong definition on his blog, completely don't understanding the subject.

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