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stim toys and jewlery


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i have the following stim toys and jewlery:
- snake twist necklace
- spinner ring
- infinity cube
- cube with computer keys on it
- tangle
- die with a little die in it
- mochis
- click tracks fidget
- pop it
- interlocking metal rings
- fidget spinners
- silicone brush
- ring with little balls on it
- mesh tube with a marble in it (broken)

what do you guys have?

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I had a fidget spinner but it broke several months after it arrived. Now as a ft I'm using a necklace, which I bought to make Hidan's cosplay.

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I use elastic hair ties and rubber bands as stim toys. I used to have a spinner ring but I lost it; haven't getting around to getting a new one.

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- slime with some beads in it (using this one the most lately)

- chewelry necklace with a star

- rice stress ball (dont use this one much anymore)

- a pop-it bracelet

- mesh tube (love this one but forgot it exists tbh)

- fidget spinner

- fidget cube

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I freakin love stim toys. They are useful for my anxiety and ADHD, and even aside from those conditions they just make me happy.

-three fidget spinners


-fidget cube (fav)


-peas in a pod


- blocks on a string

-chill pill (magnetic stim toy, also fav)

-chew necklace

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