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stim toys and jewlery


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i have the following stim toys and jewlery:
- snake twist necklace
- spinner ring
- infinity cube
- cube with computer keys on it
- tangle
- die with a little die in it
- mochis
- click tracks fidget
- pop it
- interlocking metal rings
- fidget spinners
- silicone brush
- ring with little balls on it
- mesh tube with a marble in it (broken)

what do you guys have?

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- slime with some beads in it (using this one the most lately)

- chewelry necklace with a star

- rice stress ball (dont use this one much anymore)

- a pop-it bracelet

- mesh tube (love this one but forgot it exists tbh)

- fidget spinner

- fidget cube

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I freakin love stim toys. They are useful for my anxiety and ADHD, and even aside from those conditions they just make me happy.

-three fidget spinners


-fidget cube (fav)


-peas in a pod


- blocks on a string

-chill pill (magnetic stim toy, also fav)

-chew necklace

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I had several spinners. One was broken by my younger brother. I lost the others in college. My brother often plays with the things I collect. He's only four years old. My parents allow him to come into my room, even if I've asked them not to open my room when I'm not at home. Several times he tried to tear off the head of my Anime Figures. There was Elsa from Fairy Tail, Grey and Natsu. And he could have torn off the head of every figure if I hadn't noticed what he was doing with them. These figurines are holistic items that cannot be disassembled into parts. So I'd fix it with glue.

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5 hours ago, alexsavage said:

So I'd fix it with glue.

That sucks, your brother can't help himself of course, but I find it weird that your parents let him into your room. Can you somehow 'babyproof' your room? Put all the expensive, breakable things high on a shelf for instance?

More on the topic, you could maybe get him one of those pop-it stim toys? It keeps my friends 4 year old busy for quite a while.

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