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Thoughts on this book? Loveless by Alice Oseman


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I started reading it, but couldn't get through it because it isn't the type of book I normally read for fun. Anyone reach the end and want to tell me how it ends? What did you think as an aro? I thought the beginning was interesting, but I got annoyed when she felt so persistent that she needed to find a relationship when it is obvious she is aroace and doesn't need a romance to be happy.


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I enjoyed it. For me, it was really relatable and had really similar experiences to Georgia, the main character in the book. But that's because I also just happen to be an AFAB sex-averse aroace like she is and went through a lot of the same internal conflict (even though I didn't realise I was ace until I was 23). Definitely cried at some parts. 

I don't think it's groundbreakingly good writing, but it's YA, so I wasn't expecting too much. 

In terms of the ending,


as you'd expect, she comes to terms with being aro/ace and recognises the value of her friendships as being just as significant relationships.

I mean, I would encourage you to read it and judge for yourself because we are just so starved for aroace representation there are no real alternatives at the moment ???

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If you don't enjoy I don't see a reason to read it. I think it's good and brings all different kinds of aro topics into the story.

My only complain, which I didn't really think about until seeing it mentioned by others, is that you can tell every other character in the book is written only to be a part of the main characters arc. That makes them feel a bit flat and at times stereotypes.

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Well... I read this book before I knew that I am Aro. Let's say I had some realizations while reading it... some that hit me hard. 

So I have a deep connection to this book and I am very grateful to Alice Oseman for writting it. 

As to the part she still trief to date...well. I actually could relate to that part heavily. I tried to date and be allo my whole life. But it annoyed me as well... espacially the kiss part. 


I guess for anybody else its not a above average book. But I can recommend it :)

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