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Hang on, just need to get some moths


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Just reading up on some historic hoaxes, really cool stuff. Really good idea from a guy called Hugh Troy, think I need to remember this if I am ever forced to endure a romantic movie.


To get even with the manager of a Greenwich village movie theater who had annoyed him, Troy took a jar of moths with him into the opening night premiere of a Greta Garbo film. Troy waited until the moment when Garbo was kissing Melvyn Douglas, then he opened the jar. All the moths immediately flew toward the light of the projector, obscuring the film.

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5 hours ago, ArseNick said:

Well, yeah, this is a good idea, another reason added to the list Why do I love moths. Anyone here loves moths too? They are super cute:(

I love moths too😍❤️❤️❤️ 

I draw many anthro moths and bees, because i love furries❤️

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