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  1. YES PLEASE YES PLEASE YES PLEASE I love red winged blackbirds Next person wins my pile of used Red Bull cans that clutter my desk because I'm too lazy to walk them 2 meters over to the trash can
  2. YAY MOGGIES Next person wins a fart in a jar
  3. LOLOLOL Next person wins explosive diarrhea
  4. Still better than my boring village The next person wins 100 enraged owls
  5. Yaaaaaaay! He can carry me on his back! Next person wins a compilation of my blunders I made while playing chess
  6. 'One time I made a character AI get bitten by my dog'
  7. No problem she sounds fun Next person wins an 8ft blue tarantula who tells cringe inducingly bad jokes and never shuts up
  8. That's not so bad. Next person wins a swarm of 10 000 000 moths.
  9. Yes and they bombed. I thought wanting sex was the same thing as wanting a relationship. I was wrong. Hated saying I love you and hated being tethered to someone.
  10. Nobody said that. Nobody made an appeal to political correctness. People are physical beings with endocrine systems. Unless there's some reason why you're not attracted to each other a friendship can easily spill over into sexual attraction. I don't see what is so wrong with pointing '2' out. If other people are managing to have friendships with the opposite sex that are just friendships that's great and I'm glad for them. But if I could go back in time and make different decisions I would definitely focus more on making female friends because I have often had male ones get awkward. Not always but there's no need to risk the headache.
  11. LOLOLOL fair enough but surely you can see the point I was trying to get across?
  12. Sure but it's a bit hard to be sexually attracted to such people. This is not a judgement on their humanity or dignity...it's just a fact. I can like them and respect them but I wouldn't get any urge to have sex with a 500 lb man lol.
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