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Can i Date With my Besties and Friends?


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guys! So idk if im On Aro spectrum or im just Alloromantic, but i had one question i thought this place may be good place to ask since i have not find any alloromantic community,


there is this girl has crush on me etc and we do all love dovey stuff, we act so romantic and etc, kissing, grabbig waist, singing, etc and anything that romantic couple do, but the thing is,

i just see her as my super bestie sis, i dont have sibling but if i could have i wish she could be my sis

i feel like im not crushing on her,or if it is, its so mild.

two day ago she asked me if its fine i date her for 2 day,, and since i really love her and i did not want break her heart i said okay but for 1 day only, the first day we could date only for 15-20 min , and it was a bit weird but fun at time

the second day, mean today, we dated but for longer time and around 1-2 hour, first we played maze game and then we went play another game { we only talk and meet online } called bloxburg , and we wanted date , though we could not and we just little built for tomorrow, its like i think tomorrow is going the last day for date .

i personally think dating is fun, knowing each other, doing romantic stuff, pet names, and restaurant! for me its all looks like date, but the date that meant to know each other and have fun,

in other hand i see it for fun, dating for me its like playing and hanging out

i feel like, i like to date her, but as besties, anyone know if there is name for it? cause i feel like Queer platonic it does not fit it, idk if soft romo relationship fit, though i feel like its not right , i mean it does not feel right to call her my {Romantic Partner/Girl Friend} its just, does nto feel right

though i like word partner, but not mention to romantic one , like , Couple Besties? Bestie partner idk, my question is,

what is best Name/label for this? anyone know?

also i really enjoy doing date stuff even with my normal friend too, though if they be fake friend or grumpy one i would not even talk to them much.

idk im so confused

help pls T-T

{ note : Also I really enjoy People crush on me, i see it as chance to do romantic stuff with them, and i would do many thing so they dont lose crush on me, idk does it mean im crushing on them? i mean i have experienced crush { though they all expect one was mild and short }{ i mean i just think if people dont crush on me anymore, they may not enjoy doing cute stuff with me anymore or spend time with me anymore , this is my real fear }

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Well, you're the only one that can know if you have a crush on them or not. You might want to think about your feelings and what you expect of the relationship if you want one and talk with her about it to see if you both want similar things.

Since you call her your sister and your friend, I think it's more platonic than romantic. The dates you describe could be also something you do with a friend in a playful way, so it depends mostly on if you feel it's romantic or not.

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you can date whoever you want to. reasons not to date would mostly be to not lead them on. If you don't feel romantic attraction for this person, they might feel like you were deceiving them, if they found out. You might want to tell this person you don't have feelings for them. and also, you might want to tell them how you feel about a qpr. What you're describing about being partners with a best friend but not feeling romantic attraction, that would be a qpr. 



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Is there a particuliar reason why you think QPR is not the right word? Because QPR is the answer I would have gave to your question "is there a word for it", (people define it as "between platonic and romantic", but that doesn't mean it is romantic) but it seems you already dismissed it and I'm curious why.

If you don't like this label, it is ok to inventyour own. Couple besties souns like a cool name.


Platonic dates can exist, so you can date as friends. Though I think it is better if you discuss it with your bestie to know what she wants for your relationship, in particular if you figured out what you want yourself.

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