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Why being Aro is the best!

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The title speaks for it all!

I just want to have a sort of list of why being aromantic is epic because I know a lot of people sometimes judge themselves for being aromantic.  One of my aro friends described that when you learn you're aro it's like "your own breakup" except other people don't get it as much and I want people to have a place where they know how cool they are

So let's get some positivity about aromanticism! 

One of my favourite reasons for being aro is we challenge the boundaries of romance and sexuality unlike anyone else. How many people can say they take apart one of the bases of our society and defy it the way we do? From aroace's to allo aro's we break down the fibres of romance unlike anyone else and I think that's pretty damn cool.

Please list your reasons about why you love being aromantic because we all need some validity and joy sometimes.

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The freedom of being able to do whatever I want whenever I want without having to take in consideration someone else's opinion. I just live 100% for me and only me.

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I'd say pretty much what I said in the happy to be aromantic thread recently 


'Being self reliant is fantastic. I am quite happy that there is no one person who has great control over how I live my life in the way a romantic relationship tends to have.'

I really like the ability to be in control, I don't feel comfortable relying on others and the fact that I am in reasonable control of where I live and work and the basics of my life (getting food, what I do to relax) are in my control.

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