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The least original introduction


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Hey! I'm Théotime, I'm from France and I study computer science. I think I'm asexual and aromantic, but I'm not sure so I prefer not to use these labels for now (although I'm pretty sure I'm asexual).

I have nothing else to say, I don't know how to do introductions on forums and such x)

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Salut et bienvenu, Théotime. Make yourself comfy and have some :aroicecream:. Don't worry about your introduction, it's fine ?
About the labels: I understand it because I did not use the term asexual for me until recently. Take your time and it's also fine to not label yourself at all.
Hope you'll have you a great time on the forums! :aropride:

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Salut Théotime, je parle un peu français. ^^ your intro was good. Feel at home and do not worry about labels if you do not want them now, they are there to help you, not to burden you.

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