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Anyone else feeling lonely but on a platonic level?


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8 hours ago, Ciel said:

I have been struggling to make friends with people who tell me that they wanna be friends, the chat always dies, usually with me being the last person who has said anything

Conversation is an art form in its own right; if you feel that you're always the last one to speak, perhaps that specific conversation has gone on for a little too long. Or simply the topic has been exhausted. Not your fault!

Also, a lot of times, amongst old friends, conversation can be very concise. And directed to points that everyone knows won't anger anyone.

Some silences can also signify polite reprobation.

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On 2/13/2021 at 2:48 AM, Spark_TheDemiboyRat said:

I'm almost always lonely. I'm not really sure why, but it even happens when I'm with other people. It's kinda weird...

I relate to that too. I always feel like I don't belong with people. So finally I prefer being alone. Spend most of time at home. Most of people don't understand my aromantism so it is hard to make friends especially as I always am the one being hurt at the end. I only have a few friends now. My best friend understand s my aromantism and is always there for me she is the first person I ever met who did. 

I guess I got used of being alone and maybe it is better being alone that being with people making pressuring me and hurting me because they don't accept that aromanticism exists.

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