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An introduction, I suppose


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I know I'm asexual, but this whole romantic thing still has me confused, so even though I'm on AVEN, I came here so that I might be able to get answers and learn from the aromantic perspective of things. I thought I might be panromantic, but I'm not entirely sure, I have some sort of non-sexual attraction to people regardless of gender, but it doesn't feel the same way that most people describe romantic attraction, but it's not necessarily platonic either... it kind of fits what I've heard about queerplatonic attraction, so maybe that's what it is? And I've only ever had this feeling for two people. I've done research, but I'm still confused.

Anyway, I guess I should say hi now.


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Could be really strong platonic attraction? I get that a lot, where I'll get all nervous and giddy around someone like I have a stereotypical crush, except the last thing I want from them is a relationship! I just think they're really cool! 

That's just me tho, YMMV :) Welcome to the forums! 

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