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Hi! Due to the fact that I am apparently unable to see things that are right in front of me, despite being nearsighted, I did not see the welcome page until now. So I'm a little late for intros... but here we go!

I might exist, which is cool. I use she/her. I love to read fiction. I do public forum debate, which I love as well. I am pretty competitive and tend to ramble about everything(note the length of this monstrosity).

I am, as far as I can tell, aromantic and asexual. I could be somewhere on the spectrum, but I don't really have a desire to enter a relationship to find out. I fairly sex repulsed, any implications make me very uncomfortable, but I am sex positive. If it's safe and consensual, do as much or as little as you want(just please don't tell me about it). I vary between romance indifferent and romance repulsed depending on the situation and how I feel. But with non-fictional people who aren't me, I am perfectly fine, and okay knowing about it.

For me, I was told by my friends that they all thought I was asexual, which was the first time I had heard the term. I strongly denied this, and insisited I was straight, and spent 3 years trying to convince myself it was in my head - I would want a relationship soon. Then I came across aromantic, and did, more or less, the same. Then there was the summer of 2020, where, with lack of distractions, I did a lot of reflecting, and ended up getting no where. So I talked to my sister in broad terms, and was told to research, something I had avoided. It was so helpful, I can't even begin to describe how much it helped. It really just affirmed what I knew about myself, something definitions alone couldn't do. It was just constant reflection of myself, and it made me feel way more sure than I do on most things.

Anyway that was a little journey into whatever my brain is. 

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Ha, COVID was the reason I had time to meditate on my aromantic identity too! Silver linings, lol. I also totally relate to that feeling of looking this up and feeling a huge wave of affirmation, it's amazing. Welcome to the forum!! As you've probably seen, folks around here are pretty chill as far as I can tell :) Hope to see you around!

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Hi again (ha I don't know how to start in person conversations either)

I just wanted to say thank you to you guys for replying. Thats pretty cool. Its also neat to see people who relate to me. I don't really use social media(self-discovery is an exception), so I don't know ettiquette rules around tagging people. So I won't for now, but I wanted to reply to holbmo that I love YA fantasy and action/adventure. Thanks for asking! Also to Queasy_attention and roboticanary, hi as well! Thanks again!

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