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disappointed when my faves start smoochin????


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ok so i wasnt 100% sure where to put this cuz ive literally only been a lurker for the past year and idk how forums work,,,,so im just puttin it here..,, But! i've recently been thinking a lot about how i will get really disappointed when a character i really like or heavily project onto starts showing interest in people romantically? like it soils my empathetic investment in the character and i don't know why./? like romantic entanglement bothers me so much but anything else about the character that differs from my own experience seems to be totally fine to me?? 4 example i was trying to finish the daredevil tv show, cuz i watched the first season a few years ago but dropped it for some reason, and i got a few episodes into season two until the beginnings of a romantic subplot with matt appeared, and i was kinda devastated, because up until that point i was having a great time! i really related to matt in a lot of ways but his love life becoming front and center to the point where i cant ignore it any longer? kinda felt bad lmao. when that happened i was like Oh yeah..... Now i remember why i stopped watching it the first time around ?.... would this count as romance repulsion? it kinda seems like it to me lmao

and YES i am aware that this is probably an immature response (a la "i am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?") but its been bugging me nonetheless and i just wanted to word vomit about it somewhere so....?...... i guess i just wanted to see if anyone else could relate to this , maybe see if anyone had some words of wisdom on how i can be less bothered by stuff like this? i hate my investment in stuff dropping like a stone because of this, and i wanna be able to get through media with stronger focuses on romance because the rest of the story being told is usually really good and worthwhile! i just cant seem to get over myself long enough to finish them ? so Yeah!  bust down thotiana

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Yeah, maybe you are romance repulsed, but I don't really use this kind of label so I can't tell for sure. But if romance repulses you, that can explain.

Another possibility : you headcanon the character as aro (though this must not be conscious), and that helped you to connect with him. So, when the romantic subplot appears, you feel betrayed. And then you don't want to watch it anymore.

Another possibility again, maybe more credible. Usually, when romance comes in the way, it became the center of the character arc. Now, we watch a plot for the story, but also for character development. I don't know how it is for you, but if I don't care about the characters, it is harder for me to care about the plot, even if it is the best of the world. If everything about the character becomes connected to romance, and you can't relate, or are even repulsed by it... Then it becomes impossible for you to get interest in the character arc. That's why I suppose romance hits differently than other stuff about the character, that you can relate or not. Because when it comes, it just erases anything else.


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I get this way too, though sometimes it's inconsistent. I'm not always against romance in media, and sometimes I quite like it and I get invested in relationships. Sometimes it really rubs me the wrong way, though. I think it's when I'm not expecting it and then suddenly it's just there, and it's like, the story would have worked just fine without a relationship added into the mix, why did they have to add a relationship into the mix? For a slightly less mature example, the Lego Batman Movie has Batman fawning over Barbara, and even though they don't get together in the end it's like, what? What did this add to the story? Literally nothing. Why is it here.

And then I also devour trashy romance novels like no tomorrow lmfao. But I think I like it when the romance is the interesting part of the story. *complicated shrug*

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@nonmerci ohh i think u could have a point with that headcanon thing! like hey writers please can i live with my aro hcs in PEACE please i Beg......we do be out here starved of representation doe ?? 

@Jot-Aro Kujo love ur pfp!! real ones stan mai valentine ?

@Queasy_Attention OH YEAH i know what u mean tho! ive dropped so many books and shows because of romantic subplots that seem to appear out of nowhere and maybe im just. Really Bad at picking up on these things early on but its so jarring every time it happens that im like "Well my immersion has been Ruined, my Disappointment is Immeasurable" lmao

Also is it like. weird to @ multiple people in a post to reply to people??? i licherally know nothing about forum etiquette & dont know if thats a weird thing 2 do but i also dont wanna like. Not reply 2 people...i would feel bad .... lmao anxiety ftw ?

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