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  1. @emmafriendly IT RLY DO BE LIKE THAT SOMETIMES πŸ˜”πŸ˜” @Queasy_Attention OH WIG FJDNFDS my bad!!! & awesome thanks for the rec bro!!!!πŸ’–
  2. @Queasy_Attention OH big thanks bro!!πŸ’š Also same im hoping to start during my school's 2021 spring semester wat it do babey!! hope things go well with ur school, music sounds super dope Big ups to any kind of artist✨✨also i'll definitely be sure to check out walker's work!! i haven't been able to read as much as i'd like because ive had multiple periods where ill be super into comics for like. 2 months and then i wont touch anything for a whole year? so really its like ive only been into comics of any kind for 6 months total lmao,,? sometimes makes it kinda feel like im playin catch up but im havin fun so its all good!! (bro on god?????😳 that is whats UP bro on GOD!) anyway Yeah! thank u!! from the 5 or so hrs ive been registered everyone's been super dope so i would say thats a promising prognosis on what i can expect here πŸ˜™
  3. @nonmerci ohh i think u could have a point with that headcanon thing! like hey writers please can i live with my aro hcs in PEACE please i Beg......we do be out here starved of representation doe πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜” @Jot-Aro Kujo love ur pfp!! real ones stan mai valentine πŸŽ‰ @Queasy_Attention OH YEAH i know what u mean tho! ive dropped so many books and shows because of romantic subplots that seem to appear out of nowhere and maybe im just. Really Bad at picking up on these things early on but its so jarring every time it happens that im like "Well my immersion has been Ruined, my Disappointment is Immeasurable" lmao Also is it like. weird to @ multiple people in a post to reply to people??? i licherally know nothing about forum etiquette & dont know if thats a weird thing 2 do but i also dont wanna like. Not reply 2 people...i would feel bad .... lmao anxiety ftw πŸ€ͺ
  4. @Oatpunk ahh thanks bro ! πŸ’– and Hell Yes!!!!! aro lesbian negasonic ftw!!!!!!
  5. you keep saying that the infographic isn't about aromantic communities specifically, so its ok for you to reinforce amatonormativity which...doesnt make sense to me? amatonormativity isnt a concept exclusive to aromantic communities,, it doesnt matter if youre specifically talking about aromantic people or not, amatonormativity affects alloromantic people as well, especially alloromantic people that might be in qprs or other significant non-romantic relationships. i think in an infographic talking about qprs and such, it might be important to understand amatonormative implications? i know your intention wasn't to harm anyone and you feel that people are taking what youre saying the wrong way, but intention doesn't dictate what your words actually mean, whether objectively or subjectively in the eyes of others. i otherwise really like the infographic though; its really well done other than a few minor typos but thats not really a big deal anyway lmao
  6. ok so i think about romance-repulsion/indifference/positivity both in terms of romantic actions being directed Towards me as well as just generally seeing romance irl and in media, which i think not everyone does? i think plenty of folks focus more on the personal entanglement aspect of how they feel abt romance which works just fine! but i do want 2 be clear about what im talkin about in most aspects i would say i'm romance-repulsed? i've never explicitly used that term to others before coming on here, but i think it generally describes my experiences for when i see romance in media and when romantically-coded actions are directed towards me. generally i just dont want people to do romantic stuff AT me, it makes me incredibly uncomfortable and i get the strong urge to oust myself from the situation asap (which is why personally "repulsion" is an apt descriptor) but as long as im not involved and as long as im not expected to care, then its no longer my business so πŸŽ‰! same thing with media; i dont like seeing characters i project onto being romantically involved (i rly hate it actually lmao) but for other characters i dont personally identify with, i usually couldnt care less who they be smoochin (provided it doesn't take up a ton of screen time)... but yeah ! i think a large aspect of romance-repulsion for lots of folks is the idea that romantic words and actions can't really be fully reciprocated, which makes them uncomfortable things to deal with. i think there are a certain amt of people who are repulsed by romance because it just IS romance, like whatever is considered to be explicitly romantic in their time and context is alienating or repulsive in some way, and that their negative disposition towards romance is regardless of whether they themselves are involved in anyway (like how i can get miffed at the inclusion of romantic subplots in media, even if its well written and otherwise not obstructive to the rest of the story) so i guess if ur looking to make definitions for those kinds of terms (romance-repulsed/indifferent/positive) then the directionality of romantic-coded words and actions (who they're directed at, and from who) could be a good thing to take into account? and also to not think of them as completely analogous to sex-repulsion/indifference/positivity but someone else in this thread already touched on that so 😳 But on the other hand i am also. A fool! so take my words with a grain of saltπŸ€ͺsorry this post is long and a mess lmao
  7. ok so i have no idea how forums really work and i tend to be a big time lurker but......ya boy is gettin tired of only being able to post my aro-related woes on my spam insta where all my followers are alloromantic so πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ...... hi 🀭 my names nikolai! im a soon-to-be college student, currently aiming for public health but honestly whos to say my crackhead brain wont change its tune a year or two down the line ........ but Yeah! im big baby and big nerd.......currently hyperfixating on comics so if yall ever wanna talk about aro marvel and dc headcanons......my dms are openπŸ˜³πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ... yeah idk how introductions are supposed to work but im bored and sorta lonely so talk to me if u want i guessπŸ€ͺ
  8. ok so i wasnt 100% sure where to put this cuz ive literally only been a lurker for the past year and idk how forums work,,,,so im just puttin it here..,, But! i've recently been thinking a lot about how i will get really disappointed when a character i really like or heavily project onto starts showing interest in people romantically? like it soils my empathetic investment in the character and i don't know why./? like romantic entanglement bothers me so much but anything else about the character that differs from my own experience seems to be totally fine to me?? 4 example i was trying to finish the daredevil tv show, cuz i watched the first season a few years ago but dropped it for some reason, and i got a few episodes into season two until the beginnings of a romantic subplot with matt appeared, and i was kinda devastated, because up until that point i was having a great time! i really related to matt in a lot of ways but his love life becoming front and center to the point where i cant ignore it any longer? kinda felt bad lmao. when that happened i was like Oh yeah..... Now i remember why i stopped watching it the first time around πŸ™ƒ.... would this count as romance repulsion? it kinda seems like it to me lmao and YES i am aware that this is probably an immature response (a la "i am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?") but its been bugging me nonetheless and i just wanted to word vomit about it somewhere so....😳...... i guess i just wanted to see if anyone else could relate to this , maybe see if anyone had some words of wisdom on how i can be less bothered by stuff like this? i hate my investment in stuff dropping like a stone because of this, and i wanna be able to get through media with stronger focuses on romance because the rest of the story being told is usually really good and worthwhile! i just cant seem to get over myself long enough to finish them 😞 so Yeah! bust down thotiana
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