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How did you find out you were on the aro-spec?


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i kinda realized that i wasn't interested in any form of romance in middle school, googled my feelings, and "aromantic" clicked for me like a puzzle piece. but my parents convinced me somewhat back then that i just hadn't found my 'soulmate', so i took that puzzle piece out and decided to wait. it took me several years of stowing away my feelings about my identity and watching the people around me fall for others in both crushes and love before i finally realized that i was truly disinterested in any form of romance. i took out that puzzle piece, put it back where it was meant to be, and started living my life like it was whole again.

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I was having some kind of identity crisis and i remembered that word i found on internet some month ago (aromantic). 


(it was something like "i am supposed to be straight but i don't do that.." … "wait, am i straight?" . )

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I found the term "aromantic" by chance on Twitter and I thought it might fit me and was curious about what it meant I began to research the term. After at first finding AVEN with some discouraging definitions I pushed it aside for some time but eventually found this forum.

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