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  1. i kinda realized that i wasn't interested in any form of romance in middle school, googled my feelings, and "aromantic" clicked for me like a puzzle piece. but my parents convinced me somewhat back then that i just hadn't found my 'soulmate', so i took that puzzle piece out and decided to wait. it took me several years of stowing away my feelings about my identity and watching the people around me fall for others in both crushes and love before i finally realized that i was truly disinterested in any form of romance. i took out that puzzle piece, put it back where it was meant to be, and start
  2. welcome to arocalypse! hope you enjoy your time on here!
  3. honestly same. i'm chinese and identify as aroace. even though i'm still in the closet, i've still made it very blatant that i'm not interested in dating. i don't dare say i'm not going to get married or have kids anymore; i mentioned it once and both my mom and my dad flipped out. it was so unnerving because my dad is - or was - usually easygoing, and as soon as i commented, "i don't want to have kids," he went on the offensive and told me very firmly, "you have to have children." to me. his daughter. my mom is a huge romantic. she thinks that having kids and starting a family is the hap
  4. welcome to arocalypse! i was struggling before i found this forum, too, because of being too afraid to come out to those around me and unable to find anyone who was in the same boat as i was. i'm glad you were able to find this site, and i hope you enjoy your time here!
  5. oh definitely; for me, i love the ruby-sapphire dynamic because of how their relationship is mostly characterized by traits found in healthy relationships - both platonic and romantic - like openness, honesty, and understanding. the show also does a great job of building complex, dimensional relationships, which is something that i haven't quite found in other media that people i know watch. i've had some trouble with expressing my love for steven universe because everyone around me chalks it up to a 'kid's show' just because it's animated and airs on cartoon network, so it's really wonderful
  6. i started the show only this year (had a lot to catch up on!), but it's quickly become one of my favorite things to watch and cherish. anyone else here a fan of it?
  7. hi, i identify as aroace and i do cross country. i found this forum only yesterday and decided to create an account because i felt so alone due to being too afraid to come out of the closet. but now i'm also really happy that this is a place where i can find people that i can relate and talk to! have a happy ace week!
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