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Aro Characters in my Book

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I’ve just started a new novel. The main character and his best friend are both aro. (This is not the main focus of the book, but it is a part of both of their identities).


 The first chapter opens with them talking about being aromantic and afraid to come out. I’m still working on it because it doesn’t really work yet, and I’m not sure if I can get it there.


I want the reader to know that they are aromantic, or at least clearly see that they have a strong friendship with no romantic feelings.


My question is, do I need this scene at all? Or is it enough just to have a book with no romance, where (for once) the two main characters don’t fall in love?


Any thoughts would be appreciated.





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It depends on what you want. Do you want to make it clear that they are aro? Or you don't mind if people don't know they are aromantic (people won't assume that if you don't say it, using the word or not, they won't understand).


You can also bring the subject at another moment in the book. If your characters are talking about their fear to come out, in particular at the begining of the story, the reader will be disappointed if they don't come out at some point in the story.


I make my character "come out" to my (future) reader twice. First time, it was bring in the conversation quickly because another character thought he was a crush for him. Second time, it was longer because my character loves to torture people, and I wanted to make it clear that his singleism has nothing to do with his behavior. And when he became a better person, I'll do it again to say that just because he stops torturing people doesn't mean he has to date.


Now I think it's your choice,  and anyway, I'm sure this will be the good one.


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I would say using the word would be good, otherwise aro people reading may not feel as represented, and allo people reading will continue to know nothing about aro people's existence. :)

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I think you could have a scene like that, but should it be at the start of the story? Usually the first scene is supposed to give the reader some indication what the story is about. Maybe work the aro discussion into the story at another point.

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