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  1. happened to me too, fixed now though! ♥♥♥
  2. I do feel this a bunch, i'm pretty lucky in that im more comfortable with online interactions than offline ones but still, i want people with me, someone to have in my life that i know wont leave. My current thoughts are moving down to the little farming town i used to live, and adopting/fostering children. Possibly inviting other friends to come live with me.
  3. I'm a little romance repulsed but have been in a romantic relationship and a QPP that didnt work out since i learnt dont enjoy relationships. I still frequently wish i were in a relationship
  4. You might be aro if you spend years thinking 'im not ready for a relationship' and aren't sure of the reason why.
  5. Heck yeah! Plus Robbie (Cavetown) is arospec! ♥
  6. oooh those all sound awesome!! Even the shirt If you wanna make it more visible and are comfortable with changing it - you could do an outline for the letters, like in a white maybe? And making a flag yourself is good, a friend and i did that one pride and they turned out well I've got an aro flag shipping in at the moment from wish, which was nice because it was affordable for me
  7. anyone got any pride stuff [clothing, accessories, objects, ect]? I just got a leather bracelet with an aro flag button which im loving so far, an ace flag and some ace shirts from an american friend, and ive made some rainbow shirts and a bunch of pride badges
  8. ah gosh this. Like as an a-spec trans person I think 'love is love' is lovely! When its specifically talking about love. Not about the whole LGBT+ community. Like people say "The LGBT+ community is about who you love!" and its like "?? im trans, its the 4th letter, and love isnt relevant to my identity" which, whoops im going a little off topic. So, yeah, "LGBT+ is about love" very amatonormative Also the phrase "Have you found [someone, a boyfriend, ect] yet?" No, i havent, and i will not ever.
  9. Maybe "there's someone for everyone"? Its used to mean that every person has someone who will be a good fit for them romantically and I know for a fact there's no one for me.
  10. Brightness is a good point! I have my phone and laptop on low brightness always so, i guess its a little less bright for me whoops
  11. I made this version too originally which may help the contrast a little, but also makes it look a little more like the aroace flag?
  12. I made this, as a basic concept for an aspec flag Black - lack of attraction purple- asexuality green-aromanticism white- community blue-aplatonic grey-spectrum of identities. what do people think? ♥
  13. I can never quite decide what i want I tried romance and QPPs, and they didnt work well with me, but still part of me is like 'pls, i want a long distance qpp', I do want and like having friends but also having friends is exhausting and i dont like having people at my house or being at other's houses, I do always love internet friends though, thats my favourite type of interaction. ♥
  14. It'd depend on the couple but i wouldn't advise them not to date an aro person any more than i'd advise them not to date an alloromantic person, aro just means no romantic attraction, the person may still be very interested in romance and be a great romantic partner for the person, we can't make assumptions based solely on a lack of attraction
  15. I'm autistic! Dunno if there's an inherent link, but i spent a lot of my childhood wondering about the concept of love, whether I could feel it or not; because it was a complex, undefined concept that I didn't really understand. Same applied to my orientation and gender; I don't understand it and in this case; I'm certain I don't experience. Additionally; there are higher percentages of LGBT+ autistic people and autistic LGBT+ people! Some theories I have - Concepts like gender may have less hold on us, or, it may be that if you're already deemed a social outcast you may be more willing to explore other aspects of yourself that are also not socially accepted. And with more LGBT+ people being open with our autistic identity in LGBT+ spaces it may lead other LGBT+ to recognise shared experiences and begin to question whether they're autistic too
  16. eOrion

    Body Mods

    oooh fair! they're a nice one to get make sure you go to a piercing/tattoo place if you do get one! i got my first ones at a chemist but oof, never a good idea to get piercings at any place that uses piercing guns. I have - double lobe piercings on each ear, a helix, labret (middle of bottom lip), eyebrow, navel, septum, and today!! I got an industrial piercing!! I was terrified and my friend held my hand the entire time ♥ I also have 3 stick n pokes (self done) of an arrow, a tortoise riding a skateboard and wearing sunglasses, and a trans symbol but with a love heart instead of a circle. I frequently dye my hair unnatural colours. I really want a split tongue but they're a lot of money and also it seems like it would be too scary for me to get done. My favs are: stick n pokes (makes me feel more comfortable in my body. Tortoise is on my bicep and makes me look a little more buff), labret (helped me with dysphoria, focused on a nice shiny thing instead of feminine features - also fun to stim with) and my navel piercing (helped with tummy related body image issues)
  17. eOrion

    Body Mods

    Anyone have any body-mods? (eg, hair dye, tattoos, piercings, aesthetic surgery, ect) If so: Which do you have? Which do you want? Which are your favourites? ♥♥♥!
  18. ive been in a romantic and a queerplatonic relationship, i knew i didnt feel attraction; but i still had a desire for those relationships only,,, as it turned out,,, im not good in relationships. I get too uncomfortable, i don't show as much affection because it feels to serious and like its something i need to do; rather than want, and don't like getting affection from partners, because it still feels like something im obligated to accept rather than want to. Pretty much as soon as we stopped dating i went back to being overly affectionate with my ex bf. Every so often i still crave a qpp, i think because on one level i want that commitment; but on another level it doesnt work out for me.
  19. There's a song called "Aromantic Moodboard" which i've been listening to on repeat non-stop, i love it so much
  20. working now! and 😮 i love it!! ♥
  21. Watching Bob's Burger's while a lamb jumps around my room

    1. Krispy™


      do you, uhhhhh, have any ummmm, pictures of this...... L a M b?



















      (i need more cuteness in my life)

    2. eOrion


      heck yeah! Here's a selfie with the baby :) tumblr_puvyv61HQ91to8g1so2_540.png

  22. Hmm fair question! I'd say under neurodivergence, as thats how I identify my mental illness, but, for ease; I've added a mental illness option if that makes it easier
  23. Are you disabled and/or neurodiverse?
  24. Mark: "here's some facts about disabled people" Spacenik: "how dARE YOU?? This is way too PC!! how can people post facts i hate this place" Giving information about disability isn't "insane" or "an echo chamber" its just,,, factual? Why is that so offensive to you Spacenik?
  25. The word to refer to people who's gender you know is they, Just trans person, or transgender person, transgendered is like calling someone a talled person. That's a woman, statistically; that person would use she/her pronouns. Her genitals dont affect which pronouns she uses. Singular they exists, use it. It's been around for a very long time and is actually a neutral pronoun, calling people e/em when they havent told you those are their pronouns is misgendering. Calling trans women e/em when they havent told you those are their pronouns is misgendering. Use they/them for anyone who's pronouns you don't know, or just dont use pronouns.
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