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An allo ally

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to me it's all about choice - amatonormativity doesn't leave room for that. it only shows one model that should be desirable to everyone?? and it's not. nothing wrong with a personal choice to have a romantic relationship, but it shouldn't be the only available option. other kinds of relationships and partnerships exist (friendships, queerplatonic relationships, alterous relationhips, who knows what else) and choosing them shouldn't be weird 

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I totally agree with this person as an aro ally and as an asexual who is indifferent to having children and unsure of marriage. Amatonormativity is awful and and also hurts people who aren't aromantic that might not want a parnter, marriage, children, or all of those things.

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On 3/3/2019 at 6:45 PM, TripleA said:

Thank god I hate everyone being like, "Oh my god being in love is the best and purest thing in the world!"

in my opinion { idk if im alloromantic or im lith flux aro flux } but being in love is WORST , at least in my experience and my opinion .

its just really...idk how to say it :V but being alloromantic is hard cause experience crush is really unhealthy 

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