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Survey of attitudes toward relationships


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Hello, all. Just out of curiosity, I put together short a survey of questions related to aro-spectrum people and their attitudes toward relationships - friends, acquaintances and otherwise. Hope no one is offended by it. Just answer to the extent you want to. Thanks!


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Thank you for putting this together! :)


If I can give you feedback, I was personally confused by the "what is your sex/gender" question. Sex and gender are two different things. I can't tell which one you were asking about, so it would be good to clarify.


Also, the question about being romantic or not did not adequately capture many aro identities. I would not put my identity in the in-between category, for example, but it's not entirely accurate to choose either of the other options. I would personally change this to a short answer question, asking "What is your romantic orientation" or something similar.


I'm always happy to see more people interested in doing surveys. :) I'lI be curious about what you find.

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Hello @running.tally. That's a good question. I agree they are different, but if they match they both have the same affect on actions/personality (I am trans myself but since I have transitioned, I personally consider my sex male and my gender also male). I figured it would be best to combine rather than list all possible identities and combinations. (I only have room for 10 questions before I have to pay for the survey service :)). Same goes for the aro box.  People can specify or comment with further detail. Sorry if this was troubling to you. 

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I think the option I would sleep with someone I considered only a "friend" might not be worded the best way.
Since to many aros friendship is a more desirable type of relationship than romance. 

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Hey, @Mark. Thanks for your input. "Only" in this case is meant to mean "nothing other than" or "strictly" as opposed to "a friend is less important or desirable." 

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