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whats up everybody it's... not cr1tikal actually but man can you imagine

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hi. how are you doing guys. im good thanks for asking. wow. ok.


my name's lainie irl but most people online call me caracal because my username on everything always used to be caracal100 because i really really like caracals


but now that my username isnt caracal i guess that nickname doesnt make much sense but you can still use it anyway or you could just use sovereign or viridi or even use my irl name but that would be a little weird because no one's ever used that online with me


im genderflux/fluid, so like.... kinda shimmying between mostly feminine and mostly neutral. they/them pronouns are best




i like cats

i like drawing

i like youtubers? but man there's so many i guess that's not a very helpful thing to say so i'll be more specific i guess

in particular i like cr1tikal, and the yogscast, and markiplier, and bill wurtz (the guy who did the history of japan video)

i like plants a whole lot. hence the name

i like to say that i like anime, but i dont actually watch all that much. i mainly just really like soul eater and ouran high school host club and i guess... black butler : / (important note: KEEP THE SEBACIEL AWAY FROM ME PLEASE GOD)

i do like cartoons though theyre just mainly western ones

like, rick and morty. and total drama (alejandro, man. just. alejandro)

i like me some homestuck. good stuff

and also some warrior cats. gotta love those murder kitties man what a good time

i actually roleplay warrior cats quite a bit so that's fun

i like witchcraft but i havent actually.... done much. mostly ive just been meditating, tryna get stuff straightened out

i like video games but now that i think about it i dont actually play very much???

in particular i like skyrim, undertale, pokemon games (man i really wish i had a 3ds im so bummed), sly cooper, and ratchet & clank

i like the tv show house but honestly thats probably the only non-cartoon tv show i really like all that much

and i also really like dont hug me im scared! maybe that shouldve gone in the youtuber section idk


i think thats all the important stuff. im hoping to have a Good Time on this site


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Hi there! Welcome to Arocalypse! I saw you in the chatroom. Here's some ice cream :icecream:


20 minutes ago, sovereign of viridiplantae said:

i like video games but now that i think about it i dont actually play very much???

in particular i like skyrim, undertale, pokemon games


I also like video games, and don't play too much haha. I love skyrim, undertale, and pokemon. Yay.

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