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Early but asking anyway - Halloween plans?

David Box

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I'm not sure I'll be able to dress up this halloween but I want to go as Todd Chavez. He's one of my favorite characters. If not him, then Conner from Confinement. Both are fairly easy to cosplay if I say so myself.

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I was just thinking about Halloween today. Yesterday me and my friend organized a party at her place and today we talked about how good it had been and I said I wanted to have one at my place. Then I realized, hey Halloween is only two months away, maybe I should send out an event invite already. I don't know who I'd dress up as.

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I'm going as this dude:




Because I'm an idiot who makes terrible decisions and always has to have the most complicated Halloween costume I could possibly choose. Although to be fair, everything except the wig should be fairly easy (I'm not making a duel disk because frankly I think they look stupid, and I don't want to carry one). I'm hopefully going to make it out of craft foam pepakura with wig hair glued to it, but we'll see...

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Halloween is such a fun event; I am SO HERE for chatting about autumn in general. Take summer away from me.


I recently laboured over a Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess version) costume for weeks for a fan convention, so this may be the chance to reuse it! I don't have any party plans but will likely be at my parents' house handing out candy.

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