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  1. lots of nonreligious people here, including me. nice to know
  2. I was reading Archie (2015, don't remember which issue but Archie tries to be like Jughead as he deals with Veronica moving away) and I realized - holy shit guys, some people would be jealous of us being aro. One day I will meet someone that realizes I've never really dated and don't want to, and they are going to think "Wow, wish I could do that!". Nice. The Jughead 2015 comics give me life. I still sort of wish I could be ace so I wouldn't feel like a fraud in the larger ace/aro community and Jughead should have been ace and aro, but I'll take what I can get.
  3. 4 male, 7 female, and one other. Honestly it feels like there's more nb people on here than anything else. Hope we get more responses
  4. Thought I was Pan ("I like everyone equally"), then hetero, then whoops guess I'm hetero and aro.
  5. YMBAI you try to figure out if your aro and find out that crushes are supposed to be passionate and strong and almost obsessive If you get curious and look at the Wikipedia page for Romantic Attraction and get super confused because it made it sound like romance was just strong friendship plus social norms from the middle ages added, and when you asked a discord server of mostly alloromantics you found out no one else got confused and they told you there were ancient legends of romance so no, it wasn't invented in the middle ages between knights and ladies. If you can't understand why people ever question their sexuality (excluding acespec stuff) because they could just find porn and find out in an hour, only realizing.... uh... yesterday that most people wrap their sexual attraction with their romantic one.
  6. I just realized that the reason I never understood how people could question their sexuality outside of possibly being acespec is that most people wrap their sexuality with their romanticism. Here I was thinking "just find porn and figure it out??" Still don't know exactly what goes on in allosexual brains when questioning but at least now I know there's a reason it takes a while for people to figure it out beyond society going "you can't be and shouldn't be anything other than straight and cis"
  7. Todd from Bojack Horseman as aroace, Keith from Voltron as aro, and Kusuo Saiki is canonically aro up until the latter half of season 2 ( ?, it does not make sense for his character AT ALL ) EDIT: Todd because of his coming out scene where he said love isn't for him and his friend noted how much he loves his friends, Keith because I see 0 romance for him at all and I can't imagine him with anyone at all, and Kusuo Saiki because he can read minds but can't understand romance. Faked being romantically interested in someone by giving a thumbs up. Edit 2: Micheal from Be More Chill. Reasoning: the song Michael in the bathroom is entirely platonic and he has no love interest at all in the story. Also I like him and I'm aro lol
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