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  1. I'd say being ace and/or aro leads you to consider how attractive other people view you a) less or b) more. Most people would probably not dress up for other people but occasionally you'd find someone intentionally dressing up to be less attractive. Personally, I don't care. But dudes aren't supposed to as much
  2. Thanks for this, I didn't realize I needed that.
  3. It's hard for me to call myself Aromantic even in private because while I fit right into the aro community by not wanting to date, not liking the idea of dating anyone, and never having a crush, it does imply that I will never fall in love and seeing how I'm not old enough to drink in America it feels like I'm trying to predict my future with no way to do so.
  4. lots of nonreligious people here, including me. nice to know
  5. I was reading Archie (2015, don't remember which issue but Archie tries to be like Jughead as he deals with Veronica moving away) and I realized - holy shit guys, some people would be jealous of us being aro. One day I will meet someone that realizes I've never really dated and don't want to, and they are going to think "Wow, wish I could do that!". Nice. The Jughead 2015 comics give me life. I still sort of wish I could be ace so I wouldn't feel like a fraud in the larger ace/aro community and Jughead should have been ace and aro, but I'll take what I can get.
  6. 4 male, 7 female, and one other. Honestly it feels like there's more nb people on here than anything else. Hope we get more responses
  7. Thought I was Pan ("I like everyone equally"), then hetero, then whoops guess I'm hetero and aro.
  8. I want to say up front that after reading the Wikipedia article for romantic attraction I was confused and thought it was saying that romantic love was invented in the middle ages and romantic attraction was just a strong emotional bond + societal norms attached until I asked some of my friends and they confirmed love wasn't invented in the middle ages for me and told me love stories have been found in early stories. So I know where you are at with the confusion. On that note, to answer your question, no, aromanticism was not the norm. Not at all. In societies where people have ar
  9. Do you think it's important to talk about romantic orientations as well as sexual ones? Do you feel like this is necessary but only within the context of being a-spec, as our experiences tend to be more varied? Yes, and yes, but also because the variorientated (mismatch of sexuality and romantic orientation) community is very, very new and needs work before we go out into the larger world and tell people that not only are some people aro and not ace and visa versa, but also some people have sex with men but love women. We need an icebreaker, essentially, since people wrap sexuality with lo
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