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Before I overload everyone's notifications... (i.e., Hello!)


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Aroflux ace here. I've been reading through some posts on this community forum and I thought that I would come over here and say hi before I started giving out hearts and comments excitedly out of nowhere. It's only proper.

A bit of my history and how I stumbled upon this place: I've always been a very loving individual. I have a lot of strong feelings for the important people in my life, and suspect that if past lives are a Thing, I must have been some fierce guardian/protector or something. The Resident Mom Friend, in every incarnation. Unfortunately, my loyalty and keen interest in the world around me (+ its people) have always been taken the wrong way. I can't tell you how many times people have assumed I was romantically attracted to them when I wasn't. Because of this, my understanding of what makes romantic attraction romantic (and, furthermore, romantic behaviour romantic) is just an ethereal box of "????????". Furthermore, all my encounters with romance (e.g., being asked out) left me feeling negative emotions. Every time. It became obvious after some long years of observation and asking questions that I did not identify with the feelings romantic partners talked about having for each other. So I began questioning what my really loving behaviour was supposed to indicate.

It was when I started venturing into LGBTQA+ media such as webcomics that I discovered the term "aromantic" and finally found characters and experiences that I identified with 100%. There're many kinds of love, and although I don't feel the romantic type, it is obvious that I strongly feel other types. Armed with a little bit of vocabulary from the internet, I have finally stumbled upon this place, and am just so pleased I can find real people who share many of the feelings I used to think I was immature or weird for having.

I really look forward to meeting you all! Cheers to the internet for giving us opportunities to connect in spaces like this.

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