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Aromantic comic


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Thanks @Treehugger it was nice to read that again :) (I think I've seen this comic somewhere before. Not sure if it was posted here or I just stumbled across it online?) The part about being a "lukewarm second best" really resonated with me and reminded me of this post by @Kojote, which I related to a lot.


And yeah, my feelings can be a confusing mess (black scribbles, lol) sometimes (I also thought I wanted romantic partners; but then didn't when the possibility presented itself O.o) Plus, I think that throwing sexual attraction into the emotional mix (this is for me, not Kotaline, I guess) only makes romance repulsion feelings even more confusing xD

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On Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 6:51 PM, NullVector said:

The part about being a "lukewarm second best" really resonated with me

Yeah i think that was the most important part for me too. I often felt that but never knew how to put it into the right words. I couldn't explain it without implying that I wanted to be someones number one priority in life and their main love which obviously as an aromantic that's not what I want but I just want to be equalish and not thought of having less worth that their partner. Idk how to phrase it even now because obviously I will have less worth to them than their partner and I wouldnt expect anything else  but I just want some worth in their life.

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