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  1. I'm offended at your profile picture because I dont know how to make mine a gif.
  2. Omg thank you so much for this I can't really relate to the signs you may be aro apart from me not having romantic attraction. - I love the theory of romance - I never doubted that the love was fake -in theory I would love to be married and find my soulmate because my parents are proof how great love can be as I see them making each other happy everyday -I want kids but don't want them growing up with a single parent so I won't be having them -I wanted love so bad I convinced I was in love and crushes it was my friends who realised first and told me all of them were fake (I'm a terrible actor) - I come out as asexual exclusively so I don't seem like a "special snowflake" with too many labels and if they question it more I explain the concept of aromantism lol I am probably the worst aro
  3. I love Lauren Harkins she's so great. She's so optimistic and is so unique. I think also Ricky Dillon may be aro ace I watched a video of him talking about it but I could be mistaken.
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