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  1. Yes, I love this thread so much. When I first came on here I mainly kept seeing about people talking about how they always knew they were aro. For me this wasn't the case, ever since I was a little child I loved love and wanted my prince to come for me. I saw how in love my parents were with each other and how that made them happy. I didn't really know any other adults that weren't parents of my friends so all the adults I knew were married and happy. I thought the only natural step was to fall in love and get married too. I started to convince myself that I loved these random guys, because I knew I should love and I didn't know the difference between friendship love and romantic love and I never experienced non platonic feelings. So I would start dating my friends who were boys but the second it became non platonic I would get uncomfortable and break up with them. So by the time I was 14 I had 13 boyfriends each of which only lasted around a week. So I was known as a player in my school. I still don't fully accept my aromanticism, I hope that I will find my soulmate and that I will be happy ( I am happy now). But I know that's probably not gonna happen. I am also a huge overthinker so I'm always scared for my future that all my friends won't care for me as much as their partner. And I will be lonely. But I guess time will tell.
  2. I'm offended at your profile picture because I dont know how to make mine a gif.
  3. I'm glad this thread exists because I often feel like I don't completely belong in aven as I feel my aromanticism makes a bigger impact in my life than my asexuality. It really annoys me how most asexuals are trying to seperate asexuality and aromanticism completely and I have to come out as aroace more rather than just ace.
  4. I think my friends include me in most parts of their life but are often a bit wary when it comes to their relationships. I feel like they aren't as open to me about that aspect of their life because they feel like I won't understand. Also I think relationships are becoming a bigger thing to them recently. I was wondering if you see any difference between how your friends treat you and their romantic friends and if so what do they do.
  5. Omg thank you so much for this I can't really relate to the signs you may be aro apart from me not having romantic attraction. - I love the theory of romance - I never doubted that the love was fake -in theory I would love to be married and find my soulmate because my parents are proof how great love can be as I see them making each other happy everyday -I want kids but don't want them growing up with a single parent so I won't be having them -I wanted love so bad I convinced I was in love and crushes it was my friends who realised first and told me all of them were fake (I'm a terrible actor) - I come out as asexual exclusively so I don't seem like a "special snowflake" with too many labels and if they question it more I explain the concept of aromantism lol I am probably the worst aro
  6. I love Lauren Harkins she's so great. She's so optimistic and is so unique. I think also Ricky Dillon may be aro ace I watched a video of him talking about it but I could be mistaken.
  7. Maybe it could be cool if in the subplot the aro ace thought they were straight but slowly discovering they were aro ace because I am aware that was the case for many aro ace people including myself. I'm sure what ever you pick it will be great and please keep me updated how it's going I'm really interested to hear more about it.
  8. Yeah i think that was the most important part for me too. I often felt that but never knew how to put it into the right words. I couldn't explain it without implying that I wanted to be someones number one priority in life and their main love which obviously as an aromantic that's not what I want but I just want to be equalish and not thought of having less worth that their partner. Idk how to phrase it even now because obviously I will have less worth to them than their partner and I wouldnt expect anything else but I just want some worth in their life.
  9. I was watching a video made by Lauren Harkins, an aroace youtuber and she was mentioning how she feels like a child at heart and she commented how she feels it may be due to her aromanticism/asexuality. My friends often joke about how I will never grow up and I seem to have a lot of the childhood joy that everyone else has grown out of. I was wondering if others felt this way and if it could be linked somehow. E.g. hormones that are released when you are attracted to Someone will make you act more mature. Idk just a theory.
  10. Hey that really sucks imsorry you have to go through that. I personally have never had a romantic dream so I can't relate.
  11. Probably someone has already posted this but I found it and I thought it was really cool. I have related to this more than anything else in my life. https://www.kotalinejones.com/aro
  12. I'm out to most people now and each time I come out it feels like a personal victory considering how long I have been struggling with this identity. It feels good to be comfortable enough to tell people
  13. You guys are so cool, you are all doing so much to help the earth. Bees and corals are my favourite things on this beautiful earth. Corals are the most fascinating animals and I would love to study marine biology if my parents weren't so set on me studying optometry.
  14. Thank you!! I love your profile picture and how you made it into an emoji! How did you do that?
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