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Singer comes out as aromantic!!!!

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The album is called Aromanticism. Nice :)


He sounds like an intersting person too. Quoting from the interview you linked:


I think that romance is very obviously a political tool, and a capitalist device. I’ve even thought recently, it’s quite good for the economy: the amount people spend on weddings and gifts. Also, [romance] just can’t be separated from a patriarchal structure — like the idea that in a homosexual couple, one person is the masculine, and the other is the feminine. Ultimately we keep going back to those two figures on the wedding cake as the archetype, even for alternative relationships.


Amen to that. And I suppose if/when those same hereto-romantic couples start having kids, it's even more of a capitalist economic bonanza xD

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I prefer Alchemy, Plastic, and Worth It. I have no Idea what Everlasting Sigh is about, but it sounds good. 


On the other hand, Worth It has a weird sound editing thing that I tolerate because the lyrics are great. It's my favorite one.

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