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  1. I went with friends. I think most of them didn't have a date. I honestly can barely remember bc I didn't really care who had dates πŸ˜‚ but we all went to a restaurant together and then just hung out and danced at the prom. I don't remember feeling a lot of pressure to have a date and I wasn't looking for one. I was more interested in a chance to dress up, eat out, and dance My advice would be to find others who want the fun friend group experience and do what you enjoy. Even if it's not what others are doing.
  2. Since you don't have much time left in the class it doesn't hurt to try talking to him again. If there still doesn't seem to be enough between you to build a friendship by time the class is over then at least you tried 😊
  3. Title: Love song of the aro In all my dreams My world is One
  4. I can relate to seeing a pattern in platonic attraction because before I knew I was aroace I always ended up having "crushes" on closeted gay men. Who I later found out ( from a mutual friend or directly from them) that they were actually gay. And I realized this pattern was because I felt the most comfortable around these men. I felt no sexual or romantic interest coming from them which felt comfortable and preferable. And since they presented as hetero I thought I was hetero. And misinterpreted my platonic attraction as romantic. I know our situations are different but I guess my point is that if you genuinely feel comfortable around your trans friends and you are treating them as real friends then it doesn't seem wrong that you keep befriending trans guys.
  5. I am sorry this is happening. That is a tough situation. In my experience I always freak out and avoid the person hoping they " get over it". Not the best method. It did not solve the problem. So I would suggest communicating with them that you are only interested in friendship. And maybe explain want being aro is if you want to.
  6. It reminds me of when I felt aroused when a friend was playing in my hair. I for sure was not sexually or romantically attracted to her but I did feel aroused anyway. In that case it made me feel wierd bc I didn't want to be aroused by my friend so I stopped letting her play with my hair. In your case, It might be helpful to set aside arousal as it's own sensation. It may be enough to feel comfortable being fwb with them, if that's what you want.
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