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Local Pride Festival

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I can see it out my window and it's become such a big event that this is the first year where it's ticketed (£30 to the distaste of the Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communists) and has now taken up the whole of a large park due to demand but I'm wondering what your local Pride festival consists of and also how one can bring aro awareness to their local pride.

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1 hour ago, Louis Hypo said:

also how one can bring aro awareness to their local pride.

This is particularly interesting to me, but I haven't been to one before to comment on the rest.

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A few weeks ago, I was at the San Diego Pride Parade (which is huge) wearing an aro pride t-shirt. I actually got spotted by a grayromantic woman, who is now the first openly arospec person I've ever met face to face. 

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I was with a bunch of aces at pride and me and some other aros among us were wearing aro flags and we were approached by surprisingly many people who told us they recognized the ace flag, but had no idea what "the green one" stands for. So we got to educate lots and lots of people who have never heard of aromanticism or romantic orientations. And everyone who asked was really nice and interested and glad to learn things. :aropride:

So that's what I/we did at pride to spread awareness. And I can recommend to just be present with a flag or a t-shirt or a sign that spreads awareness. People will see you and people will ask about it which gives you the perfect opportunity to educate :D What it consists of here is basically a week full of events. I for example to a few talks about queer topics and also something similar to a drag show (but I'm pretty sure there's a difference). Then there are lots of stands from different LGBTQ+ organizations etc. and probably food (I haven't really been there, all we did there was squish ourselves through the crowd while trying to not lose anyone which we didn't succeed at) And of course a pride parade:arolove:

I did encounter people wo laughed at my orientation while I was standing right in front of them, but most people were really genuinely nice and I'm planning to go to another pride later this month with some of the same ace group ^_^


ALSO WHY DOES YOUR PRIDE COST MONEY??? It's free here unless you want to actually have your own group in the parade or something.

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My local pride festival is two weeks of events, including a film festival selection, stage performances and the march (yeah, it is called a march rather than a parade). I have never seen anything aro or ace there or I would have figured myself out earlier...maybe. possibly. Maybe I should get a flag or make a t-shirt or something.

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