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  1. As long as pokemon aren't like their pokedex entries say then yeah, real life pokemon would be awesome.
  2. It's an Ultra Beast. So, sorta.
  3. 1) What are you studying? 2) How much are the exams worth? 3) How long are they?
  4. Harry Potter and the Half-Bacon Prince.
  5. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Bacon.
  6. Many optometrists may occasionally salivate. WHYYY
  7. The Lord of Bacon Rings.
  8. @Blackscarlet666 lives in the abyss.
  9. No that's what i said. Are you paying attention?
  10. Monty Python and the Holy Bacon
  11. That's what I meant. I messed up.
  12. Will the first person to reach 2^32 points go from last place to first place due to roll over?
  13. Terminator 2: Bacon Day.
  14. @James maybe... Bacon Wars: A New Hope.
  15. You guys, two of my comments in the past week have been the newest comment for over 24 hours since I posted them. What are you guys doing?
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