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  1. can you recognise the difference between a language you don't understand and jibberish?
  2. but google translate is pretty hit and miss
  3. ok then, do you understand any other languages?
  4. Do you speak any other languages?
  5. of course shroomie would say that
  6. I'm offended your name has the same letter three times in a row.
  7. ok that's quite enough "mmm"s
  8. I'm only doing this in honour of Shroomie: mmm
  9. They said that their mum found out they go on Arocalypse. All I'm gonna say is that their mum is not a nice person.
  10. it looks amazing as ever @Zae !
  11. zae has not changed their avatar since you last mentioned it @Arocalypse
  12. Why are they the same colour then?
  13. why is "change one word" half of the pie chart on the left?
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