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  1. momomomomomomomomomomomomo
  2. That doesn't seem like appropriate grounds to mute a thread.
  3. Why would you want to mute a thread?
  4. I never said it wasn't a continent. In fact, I said it *is* a continent.
  5. Antarctica isn't a country. It's a continent. Way too cold for my liking as well.
  6. It was all for the best.
  7. Zema

    Corrupt a Wish

    Given that I'm currently doing electrical circuits in one of my physics courses, the first two are already true. However, uni here only costs $4000 a semester so it wouldn't cost me $86,000. Try again. There is now no longer any healthcare in the US. I wish that anti-vaxxers weren't a thing.
  8. what is the inverse of "mmm"?
  9. Zema

    Corrupt a Wish

    You care so little that your body's immune system no longer cares either and you decompose while still alive. I wish I understood electric circuits.
  10. People touching animals innapproriately. Spoiler
  11. Wouldn't mashing your keyboard be easier than saying "Mmm"?
  12. Zae always changes their avatar
  13. it didn't start out like this
  14. That webpage looks like an April fool's joke.
  15. Someone's lookin for a fight.
  16. i don't like fighting D:
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