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  1. I'll manage with the funky stripe. It's hard to see against the background anyway due to it being so dark. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Now none of the buttons at the top of the page work! I can't check my notifications, PMs or go to my profile D: @Blue Phoenix Ace please fix!
  3. Dark theme is best theme. Even with the ugly white borders around things. It would be better without them though.
  4. The dark (green) theme (and probably the other dark theme) has an ugly white border around some elements. The ones I found with this issue are the text editor and the sidebar on profiles. Also the bar at the top (the one with the "Forums", "Leaderboard" and "Chatbox" buttons) is a really dark green which doesn't stand out from the dark grey background. This is the case for the main page of the forums too. Also, the heart reaction is blue, which does not fit well with the dark (green) theme. It also has a white border. Also, if possible, could you please fix the low contrast between the quote box and text, and the spoiler box and text in the text editor? (The low contrast only occurs in the text editor NOT once it has been posted. It's really hard to read what you're typing in the spoiler box) That's all the problems I've found so far, but I'll keep you informed if I find anymore. (Also, I'm liking the reactions. Is it possible for you to add more or are they fixed?)
  5. The site's been upgraded . We now have more reactions than just "like"!
  6. what was that about clicking boxes?
  7. i like to think of it as a pyramid
  8. how is that even allowed?
  9. my computer and phone love me.
  10. no i was thinking of all computers
  11. seems like computers are capable of confirmation bias too it seems.
  12. Cleverbot never said yes.
  13. you shouldn't listen to cleverbot
  14. You're right. You eat it with a spoon.
  15. is that because server hardware doesn't have emotions?
  16. that last post seemed like you did.
  17. do you hate yourself @Arocalypse?
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