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  1. All of you are banned for not noticing that Zae said "it's friends" when they clearly meant "its friends".
  2. You know, I wouldn't be surprised if a psycologist said this about me. I tend to score fairly highly on these sorts of online tests. But I cope just fine now. A diagnosis wouldn't help me at all. I may not even be autistic. But it doesn't really matter for me.
  3. Kerbal Bacon Program.
  4. Bacon Space Program.
  5. If you have so much control, then edit this message.
  6. Excuse me. I'll have you know I'm the queen of this thread. The only person who has more authority than me in this thread is Louis.
  7. Then respond when I tell you to!
  8. Maybe if we perform a ritual t summon them.
  9. But where's @Arocalypse?
  10. The most physical contact I can manage wiith another human is a handshake. Anything else is just . Doesn't matter who it is either. I'm completely ok with cuddling my pets though.
  11. 10100000101100000011100010000000
  12. I don't think anyone does
  13. So the point of this thread is?
  14. Why did I inspire this thread?
  15. What's all this about?
  16. That doesn't answer my question
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