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About Me

I started looking to define myself and instantly clicked with Aro. Everything just made so much more sense. 

I don't feel the need for emotional connection and intimacy beyond friendship or a pet. Though I do appreciate most romantic intimacy when reading about it or when my friends achieve it with someone, so I appreciate it as an abstract when it affects other people in a positive way. Otherwise I am fairly indifferent but there are some things I am repulsed by (I sort of skip the averse level completely, I am fine with it until I am not)

I try to be honest with all my posts but as I am still learning all these things and looking at life a different way my thought and opinions are changing so please take the date into account when you come across one of my (many) comments.

Update: Hey Hey! Fairly sure I am Apressexual. I only (rarely) experience a sexual attraction after another form of attraction is felt (like aesthetic or sensual). Also according to the definition, supposedly 'The original attraction may or may not fade/be replaced by the new attraction' I have insufficient data to support or reject this comment in regards to me. 

I like reading (mostly crime) and music. I listen to so much varied stuff, but I particularly appreciate Pop Punk, Industrial and Post Punk Revival.

I am under the same name over at AVEN (which is how I found this place) though that account is basically inactive. 

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