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  1. i'm 21 yrs old and i've been questioning whether i am aromantic for multiple yrs now. at this point, i think i am grayromantic. a relationship would be okay for me, i like caring for people and such! i don't think i'd mind romantic sort of things even tho i am not very experienced outside of long distance relationships. but i have noticed my love doesn't seem as strong as the other person i am with. my feelings fade sort of fast a lot of the time as well. i can count on one hand the amount of people i've had a crush on. i confuse wanting company and being lonely with romantic feelings a Lot. i'm also autistic which i think at times affects my ability to notice flirting or social cues in a romantic context. i can't tell when people like me romantically, they have to tell me very directly or i'll miss it. i may not post much, just read. but i just wanted to make a little intro post! thats it! :-)
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