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  1. I've noticed you stated your hetero greysexual. I was curious if it's more like hetero-demisexuality? Whereas you only have sexual attraction when you're great friends with a man and you have great chemistry. You obtain a squish, like a romance crush but only on a friendship level.


    Having sexual attraction is just the mental / emotional side of the orientation but sexual arousal is the physical sensation and the reception of such, not necessarily will you act on the physical / biological urge. 


    Or do you have specific tweaks to the grey / demisexuality where you're a sapio, a person turned on by someone's intelligence and the way they present themselves in an intellectual manner with others, including yourself?


    I mean, there is so many areas to look into and research, let alone articulate about ones own self and how you view people. 

    1. Untamed Heart

      Untamed Heart

      I think it's more that I'm not sure what to do when I get into a relationship; my feelings can fade pretty easily, and I get really confused and anxious about everything. I've only been happy in one relationship; it was long distance and we only ever met once. I don't think it would have lasted if we'd been able to date in person, though.

      Most of my crushes are more romantic feeling than sexual, or platonic. It's definitely not demi, because I can get crushes on people I don't know that well. I've only had one crush on someone I'd already known for a long time :) not sapio either, because I have fancied people who weren't very bright before :P I do prefer interacting with intelligent people, but I don't find intelligence a turn on in itself.

      I call myself grey because I don't seem to match the 'romantic profile' of anyone I know personally, even in my own family.

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