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  1. Anytime I see someone talk about how badly they want a relationship--can't relate
  2. So the times I have been romantically attracted to people it's been more or less a recipromantic or demiromantic deal--my last crush developed after knowing someone for two or three years. I used to have a bit more interest in romance, at least I thought it sounded like a nice concept and I used to like the idea of marriage. These days, I just don't care anymore. So while I'm definitely not aro, I'm starting to consider myself greyromantic. Under certain circumstances, such as someone telling me they like me or knowing someone for a long time and developing those feelings, I conceivably could see myself developing feelings and maybe even acting on them. But other than that I don't really care anymore.
  3. I think if I had felt the way I do now since my teens, I would identify as demiromantic. Cuz these days I'm just. So generally apathetic about romance, outside of fiction. (Though I do have one active crush, but it's kinda in the background and I'll never act on it since the object of said crush is taken.) But I did have crushes (one big one and maybe two very small ones), in my late teens, without the waiting period required to identify as demi. (I identify as recipromantic because those crushes started only after I thought they had feelings for me.) My current crush developed over a significant amount of time (which follows the demi thing), my first few didn't though. I don't consider my recipromanticicism on the grey spectrum, for me at least--because I also had some general desire for a romantic relationship, even if only a little. These days I think even my "desire for romantic relationships" might be even smaller than it already was. I really like being single, whoohoo.
  4. Huh. Can't relate. When my crushes have no interest in me,I move on with no looking back. At least, the time or two I have had crushes. (I had thought they were interested in me because they kept talking to and paying attention to me, which is how my crush started, but when it became apparent they weren't into me, I was just like. Oh,okay. Whatever.)
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a common thing. For myself the reason I don't really consider it grey is because I still have kinda a desire for romantic relationship. Just not strongly. (And not all romantics need a relationship to be happy with life, so that feels normal to me.) I don't know if I'd recognize flirting or not. I do know that the couple crushes I have had have been based on thinking that if someone of the opposite gender treated me as more than a passive friend, then they must "like me like me", or whatever. Something I no longer assume, bc I know now that that's dumb.
  6. Recipromantic is when you only experience crushes on realizing that someone else has one on you. Which is pretty me, and why the crushes I experience are not often. However, for me it may as well be a type of romantic, I think. Others might experience recipromantic a little differently.
  7. Are there any specific examples? Do things like recipromanticism count? (I'm recipromantic, but I swear that is not why I made this topic. I'm legitimately interested in the discourse. It doesn't matter to me if my experience counts as grey or not. What I experience is far closer to romantic than aro, anyway.)
  8. It makes no difference to me personally, but I enjoy these sorts of discussions. Is the grey area defined by lack of romantic desire, or can it also be defined by experiencing crushes extremely infrequently and/or needing a specific setup in place in order to experience a crush? Which would have to be considered more important to the definition?
  9. Hello. I saw a link to this site over on AVEN. I am romantically inclined (though not heavily so and crushes tend to be few and far between), but I am an ally.
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