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  1. Can't wait to not talk about romance.

  2. I know what you mean. I guess the developers don't have time to make characters have an actual connection before they become "involved". I really dont get it but if I did I probably wouldn't be aro, amirite? I always respect plots that go for a more brotherly/sisterly approach.
  3. It's not a movie, but a game that makes me beside myself; The game Vampyr. You play as an ex-soldier/surgeon named Johnathan and in the beginning of the game you turn into a strong and epic vampire! There's alot of choices you can make to increase or decrease morality via killing or not killing humans around you. Everyone is accessible to you except for, of course, the love interest. She just so happens to be a vampire as well and I don't have a problem with your character falling in love with another... it's just that you don't get to decide your interactions with her. The main character will
  4. Sab

    New here!

    Hi, everyone! My name is Sab and I'm really happy and hopefully of the potential to meet like-minded people on this forum. Thank you for having me! <3
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