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  1. I suppose I meant "define me" more in a curious way. Like taking those ridiculous quizzes that tell you what kind of ice cream flavor you would be based on the following questions lol. I'm pretty secure with myself and know I don't actually need a word or others beliefs to justify anything. Hopefully everyone knows this as well. You are who you are and that's a beautiful thing! 🥰
  2. Just out of curiosity. I've been reading most of the topic discussions and noticed most reference that they are in college or about to go to college. What's the average age here? Are there any members in their 30s, 40s, 50s?
  3. Could be kinda interesting if they were journals.
  4. I was actually reading more on being in a Queerplatonic relationship and thought this sounds like something I relate to. I hadn't heard the term before.
  5. Where to start.... I've rewritten this 3 times now. Maybe the place to start is to tell you all a few bullet points about me and you help "define" me. - I do tend to be in long term relationships. - I can go for very long periods of time without wanting to be sexually active with my partner. - Romance and other intimate details make me very uncomfortable. Like I really hate things like candle lit dinners or eye gazing and esp valentines day lol - I like both genders based on them as a person. Not looks money etc. - I have found myself wanting to cuddle, kiss, and be with my friends that are close to me. Which really has only been twice. Most of my friendships are distant (emotionally). - It's really difficult for me to be open with people, to form real meaningful relationships (friendships or romantic) and when friendships become close and meaningful I tend to want them to be more. ( like more than friends, but not exactly "lovers" maybe still with some sexual moments and I find myself obsessing when they have something that feels more important that me or something that discloses me)
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