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  1. Peridot is my aro pal. My reasoning is that I greatly related to her when she tried to fuse with Garnet. She wanted to try this thing that weirded her out for science and new experiences but just when she was about to go through with it, panicked and exclaimed "I can't!".
  2. I use irony in the situations where it's like "This isn't funny but I'm going laugh." When someone is being ironic or doing something ironically, it's like a more jokey type of hypocrisy.
  3. I'm aro and I don't feel love. Sorry for perpetuating a stereotype.
  4. I think I already said it. My entire childhood up until age 11, there was an "voice" in my head(he 'sounded' distinctly older than me and spoke like an inner monologue but I knew it wasn't mine cause I 'sounded' different)who told me grown-up things like "That's a sexual reference." and "That's wildly inappropriate to say with a child in the room.". Like, the one of the only instances that I remember exactly what he said was when I was in the shampoo aisle, smelling shampoo. I smelt one an was like "Oh, that smells like InsertMaleClassmate'sName!" and he said that that was gay to know that(he
  5. Dude, if there's any external reasons I'm ace, it'd be that movie. A movie that caused reoccurring nightmares was The Changeling. I watched it when I was like 6 and could only remember the nightmare I had until age 14, when I watched it and realized that it was the movie. Adam Sandler's That's My Boy sexually traumatized me too.
  6. This sounds like me and from what I've researched, gender neutral fits the closest.
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