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Hello? Am I supposed to introduce myself?

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Hi? I've been stalking/lurking/looking through this site (and AVEN) since Saturday and I finally gathered the courage to make an account- so here I am!

I'm a very shy 16-year-old girl, and I don't think I'll post much? Maybe?

But, I really really want to be able to talk openly around here.


Anyways, I'm aro/ace, have been sort of identifying with that (to myself) since I discovered the terms by chance while wandering the interwebs. I'm not out yet to anyone, but I'm trying to gather the courage to do so. I'm not so much scared as how everyone will react, but more scared of actually saying it, going out and admitting it (and then explaining it ugh).


Nonetheless, (I love big fancy sounding words) yeah. Hi. Am I supposed to say something of my interests?? I like dragons. So there.

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Welcome! :)

You're awesome for coming over here to post even though you're shy. Whether you're more lurker or poster in the future, I think we're all happy to have you. Here's some aro ice cream for a proper welcome gift: :aroicecream::aroicecream:

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Welcome!  You made an account within a few days? I think it took me about 3 months 5 months of lurking before I actually made an account, so good for you! :D 

Dragons are cool.


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