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  1. Welcome to Arocalypse! And let me just say I know what it feels like to Ben confused for Ace! I often feel that Aro and Ace are confused for one another a lot!
  2. Bless you, friend! Honestly this perfectly describes my last relationship... felt I had to go out with him cause ‘why not?’ And well ananormativity made me stick in that relationship longer than I should’ve
  3. I think I kinda know where you’re coming from.... I’ve only half accepted that I’m Aro and while lots of issues have resurfaced such my family’s possible Aphobia at my identity (were Hispanic and it’s all about finding a husband and being a baby maker, I am also still closeted from them but I’m out to two close friends) what I do to reassure myself of that insecurity is I focus on my career choice and I like to think that even if did have a desire to Marry and did experience romantic attraction, I’m better off being single.... because what I hope to do with my life takes up a lot of time and my family should know and accept that along with my Aro identity should I choose to ever come out! I also remind myself that it doesn’t matter who doesn’t accept your identity as those are not people I need in my life either. Also always remember that you are valid, no matter what! I don’t know if I helped but that’s what I try to do for myself
  4. It’s kinda strange to me cause I feel society romanticizes Sex while at the same time sexualizes romance, which is a strong reason a lot of aces and aros have hard time understanding who they are
  5. Elementary school me: 1. Pardon my French but everyone who keeps telling you that you should have crush can Fuck off! 2. That’s not a crush it’s a squish you just want to be friends 3. Romance is cute when others do it but honestly how do you really feel if it was you in that situation? Middle school me: 1. The reason why you don’t know how you feel about that guy is cause You just want to make out with him not actually be his girlfriend 2. I know society is making you feel bad for not being in a relationship but I promise you aren’t missing much! 3. You’re adorable don’t let yourself think otherwise, the tomboy thing is actually quite badass! Own it! High school me: 1. You may be straight in terms of sex, but there’s a reason you have no desire to date anybody 2. you like attention, not him 3. No you’re not falling for him either, once again, Sexual attraction 4. you don’t owe anyone romantic feelings no matter how good they are to you! College me: 1. You’re not Bi and you’re not a lesbian you just have a strong squish on her! Go ahead and make friends! 2. Your anxiety is telling you’re romantically attracted her when you’re not 3. You don’t love him, you love the sex 4. You don’t have to stay with him in order to feel ‘normal’ 5. I think you know deep down that that relationship isn’t going to last and it’s not just cause he’s going nowhere in life!
  6. Dude! So yeah get those too?! That’s why for awhile I didn’t know I was Aro cause I’d confuse sexual attraction with romantic attraction but when I analyzed more I realized my ‘crushes’ were all physical like I wanted to make out/have sex with rather than date them but then there were other times where I’d think ‘yeah I like this dude as friend but I also wouldn’t mind I had sex with him!’
  7. I too deal with this lonely problem because even though I want to have kids some day, one day they’re gunna grow up and leave the house and start their own lives but like everyone is saying it all boils down to dying alone whether you’re aromantic or not
  8. Omg yes! That is my entire life!
  9. I’m new here too so welcome fellow newbie
  10. I like that I maintain a good commitment to things and usually never give up on a task
  11. Asexual, bi, pan.... I realized I was heterosexual because I couldn’t imagine myself being sexually with other women and I thought I couldn’t be straight since I wasn’t big on romantic relationships with men.... but liked the idea of having sex with them... really confusing journey that took awhile for me to figure out... esspecially since it took me awhile to figure out romantic and sexual differences
  12. I see what you mean... there will be instantces where I Might want romance but then I remind myself that I only want it Cause society says that it’s the only way you will feel complete and since I actually experience sexual attraction I was able to get by with some of my relationships since I gave them what they wanted (a girlfriend) and they gave me what I desired (physical intimacy/sex) it’s different for every Aro... but i see what you mean and i thought I’d share my experience
  13. I too am like that... when I was growing up all my “crushes” were more about ‘ I wanna kiss him/hug him/have sex with him’ but not ‘I would like to be his girlfriend or romantic partner.... I crave physical intimacy but i lack romantic attraction which confuses people that’s why my last ‘Romantic relationship’ was weird to alloromantics because we had a friendship with sex and physical contact incorporated into it & we did not do much that would consititute as romantic.... and what romantic relationships ‘should be’
  14. Nice to meet you! I’m new here too! I’m here to talk if you need!!
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