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I have lurked here for a while without an account, and now have lurked here for a while with an account, so I thought I ought to finally say hello.  (I also feel that it is only polite to post here before commenting so elsewhere, although I've broken that, but if I don't dither over this for too long, it will only be by a margin of five ten minutes so I'm not sure that counts... Maybe it's just me)

I (not unusually, I think) came over from AVEN... and then gave up on AVEN, to the point of deleting the link from my bookmarks bar.  Anyway, I like it better here.

I have identified as ace for nine months and aro for eight now, and have been very open with my friends at college.  They've all been super accepting and it's been great being open with them (I don't feel like I have to quietly hang back and not really saying anything in an attempt to avoid having to answer questions whenever anyone talks about anything to do with romantic feelings... although I have had a flashback my middle school feelings of awkwardness when two of my friends (who are not really close so I haven't explicitly told so probably don't know) started swapping stories about the various guys they were obsessed with at one point in time in high school.)

I really love to read... one of my favorite books is called Thorn by Intisar Khanani (and it amazingly has no romance! Actually, it was realizing that I found the lack of romance to be refreshing was one of the things that convinced me I was aro.)  I also occasionally write short stories that have a tendency to turn out a lot darker than I intended them to be.  

I'm happy to meet you all!

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