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Red, orange, blue, rainbow goats!


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So I didn't see this on here, so I thought I'd start it. :) 


In this game, there are three teams, red, orange and blue. The object is to count to five in your team's colour. No double posting allowed. If the count is currently in another team's colour, you must count down to zero before you can start counting for your team's colour. Once one colour reaches five, the game then resets to zero.


So, which team am I in?


- If you have an R in your username, you are on the red team.

- If you have an S in your username, you are on the orange team.

- If you have a T in your username, you are on the blue team.

- If you have more than one of these letters, go with whichever one occurs first.

- If you have none of these letters, you get to shout something random and reset the count to zero.


go blue!

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