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hello .... :3

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hi all! long time listener first time caller. i've floated around the aro community online for a while, and i really want to engage more.

i've only recently (within the past year or so..?) accepted my aromanticism and i still have a long way to go to figure things out...! i've been feeling quite alienated and talking to more aro people would just be awesome lol. 

i'm a 21 yr old transmasc from the east coast! i love horror, art, and fishkeeping. and im finishing up my english degree! not sure what else to write about...but im happy to be here!  e1ca3fc307bc9b6c1f9665d91ca6796ebad1e21f

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14 hours ago, allhailtheglowcloud said:

Hi and welcome! What kinds of fish do you keep?

thanks! right now i have 5 albino corydoras and 3 amano shrimp in a 10g. hoping to upgrade in the future so i can put together a more diverse community tank. 

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