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i really would like to give qpr a go

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i overall just bad at communicating with people and making friends so i have been thinking about qprs. but the problem is that i have no idea how and where to start. even when i find someone interesting, as a friend or other kind of relationships, i don't know what to do. i don't even know how to start conversion let alone befriending them. ok let's assume they make some efforts to befriend me too and we get along a little, what should i do next? let iit get deeper? let the opportunity come? let them say something? if it's on me i will retreat back from the friendship on the first few weeks to avoid getting hurt! how can i not do that?

this sounds so unhinged even to myself!🤷‍♀️😂

i can't even keep friends, simple people from afar is actually my things tho. all these people around me are all for greetings in the hallways... i want something more, to talk to someone, to know they will value my friendship as much as i do thiers,

i do have something like this(we are still close but he's got his girlfriend and everything), but we live 800km away(screw university for taking this away from me). 

how do other people do this?

like in the movies they are all like very happy with their friends, they pretty close, late night call, sleep overs, secret sharing, secret jokes, etc. it just makes me really sad. why can't i have something like that?

i am just tired of sitting on the stairs in university and watch movies alone i want to do that with someone.


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Have you tried the relationship anarchy smorgasbord? It's a way to talk about relationships without having to rely on set templates of what a relationship should be.

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I literally feel exactly the same. I just don't know how to find people and I hate assuming things so I never try and make any moves unless I'm certain it wouldn't make anyone uncomfortable

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I once posted a lot of queerplatonic memes in a groupchat that both me and the dude of my alterous/queerplatonic desire were in.  He quit the groupchat and blocked me xD  So don't do that.

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