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No aroace friends (rant)


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I haven’t identified as aromantic for very long… but I have known I am asexual for years. 

I have friends that I am extremely grateful for and I care about them very deeply! However, not many of them are on the aromantic/asexual spectrum. Sometimes, that makes me feel really lonely. I want someone who I can relate to… I guess? 

Almost everyone around me is falling in love and it feels like I’m just… there. It feels weird to have everyone around me experience an attraction that I just don’t have. 

I basically want an aroace best friend. I want somebody who understands the little aromantic/asexual jokes I make. I want someone who likes to hug and cuddle without there being feelings attached. I want a person who understands exactly what it’s like to be aroace. I feel like I just struggle in my friendships sometimes, because I can’t really connect with them about these things that are pretty important. 

It’s just super frustrating to not know that many aroace people!!! I miss feeling like I belong somewhere :,). Anyway, thank you for reading!! I just really needed to get that off my chest. 

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damn I relate to you so much. you put it so well into words... I wish us both luck in finding people. if you're comfortable, maybe we could chat over discord or instagram or something, just a thought. 

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I don’t have any aroace friends either, so I totally get how you feel. It’s a bit confronting when your friends start getting into relationships, everything changes. I’m just lucky my best friend isn’t a very romantic person. He doesn’t do any PDA with his partner in front of me, and I get along with his partner quite well.

My brother still doesn’t have a gf yet, and I hope he gets one eventually (he really wants to), but I’m also a bit melancholy about it. He and I have been very close for most of our lives, and it’ll be very weird when he gets a gf and maybe even moves in with her. I’ll miss him a lot, even if he still visits a lot.

Sorry for the slight rant lol, just saying you’re totally not alone with this.

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I relate. I have some really good friends but only one is aromantic. I'm incredibly lucky to be understood with that part of myself but I still wish I had an aroace friend someone who truly gets all of it.

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