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It feels good to know I'm not alone <3

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Hello! 👋

My name is Jaiden (Any pronoun is fine), I'm genderfluid and I identify as aromantic and demi/pansexual; I am also autistic, which may or may not be tangentially related to my queer identify. I had known for a while that my ideas for ideal friendships or "relationships" were different from most others but I didn't know about/adopt the label until this past year, and I'm glad I did! Now I can better communicate with others about how I feel and join communities like these 💗 As I'm sure you guys have experienced, I just don't find a lot people like me. 

I enjoy reading non-fiction, writing/playing/listening to music, most of it some subgenre of metal, playing games: card, board, video, ect... playing DnD, writing, and watching various twitch streams, shows, and movies. 

Thanks for checking out my introduction and I'm excited to meet other people who are also on the Aro spectrum. Hmu with your metal recommendations! 🤘

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On 12/14/2023 at 8:03 PM, opal said:

This is a little late but welcome!

Thank you! 


On 12/15/2023 at 11:33 PM, aro_elise said:

i like ice nine kills, architects, and spiritbox.

I've heard Spiritbox's music before but I'll have to check out architects and ice nine kills!

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