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i found an ace person in rl


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hiii again, i really dont get anytime to write here anymore, but here i am today.

well so as for the topic: you know how you sometimes think that your mind has made up this idea of aromanticism and asexuality, for whatever reason? well i get this feeling a lot and i have always wished to find someone like me or close to me about this in real life as a proof that all of these aren't just some lies.

one of my roommates who study chem(very surprisingly they are all known to be gay, including my roommate) has found a friend, also studying chem, dunno why i felt the need to mention this. and this friend is an asexual & non-binary!

it's really weird bc most people in this country are never comfortable enough to come out, especially people they have known for only a couple of weeks. but this person did! wow the bravery. i still haven't come out to anyone in uni, even to my roomies,

now i really wanna make friends with them! they sound amazing, a very soft person, very nice hair and eyes.

im getting sideway, i wish i had the courage to go and talk to them. just for a friendship ofc.

and im curious about their status on aro spectrum, my roomie didn't mention anything but she might've just forgotten. 

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Yeah, it's always nice to meet or hear about other people in your area who also identify as aro or ace. I live in a smaller town, so I was a bit surprised when I met two people who identified as aro. It was really cool!

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it does feel amazing doesnt it?

today i figured one of my own classmates is ace too. god it made my feelings feeling so real! two ace people and ME! all studying in the same university

help im losing my ability to form proper sentences

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This is so cool! Last year, I had a class with a girl who I *vaguely* knew, and she had a ton of cute ace stickers on her laptop. I really wanted to compliment them, and tell her that I'm ace too, but I could never work up the courage. She graduated this past year, but over the summer we had a conversation via Instagram and I got the chance to tell her I'm ace, and tell her how much it meant to me to see an out ace person in my school and know that I'm not alone.

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